Welcome to 株式会社 PEACE WORKS, where we’re on a mission to make PEACE (平和) WORKS (working for peace) a reality. Started by American founders who fell in love with Japan, we’re passionate about preserving and sharing its beauty and cultural richness.

With a deep appreciation for Japan’s unique qualities, we’re committed to bridging the gap between Japan and the world. Seeing Japan as a hub of gratitude and appreciation, our aim is to bring the wonders of this beautiful country to people worldwide. Join us in expressing a heartfelt “thank you” to Japan as we create connections that celebrate its rich cultural heritage.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge cultural gaps between businesses in Japan and the world, using our collaborative team of Japanese, American and Global members. We develop cross borders networks that create understanding, success and happiness through global business.

Our Vision

We envision a future where businesses effortlessly connect across cultures, leading to a more inclusive and interconnected world. Our goal is to be the catalyst for this change, using our expertise to build bridges that not only connect businesses, but also enrich individuals and communities.

Our Services

Discovering overseas sales channels.
Developing social media strategies.
Focusing on influencer and digital marketing production.
Our main operations include:

Web and video production.
Planning and managing domestic/international events.
Business education.
Bilingual virtual business assistance (Japanese and English), interpretation, and more.

Company Overview
Name: PEACE WORKS Co., Ltd.
Head Office: R&M Building 901, 3-5-17 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061, Japan
Established: April 20, 2022
President / CEO : Bryant Cardwell
Director : Thom Peace
Phone: 050 5532 1027
Email: info@peaceworksjapan.com

私たちピースワークスは、PEACE (平和) WORKS(のために働く)として

日本への大きな”ありがとう” をこめて日本と世界をつなぐハブとして発信してまいります。



④ バイリンガルによる、バーチャル・ビジネスアシスタント(日英)、通訳など


名称         株式会社 PEACE WORKS
所在地本社    107-0061 東京都港区北青山3‐17 R&Mビル 901
設立年月日 202220
代表取締役 Bryant Cardwell(ブライアント・カードウェル)
取締役            Lloyd Thomas Peace Jr.(ロイド・トーマス・ピース・ジュニア)
電話           050 5532 1027
メール       info@peaceworksjapan.com